Convergence in the newsroom

Media is always evolving, and now we are finally seeing a medium where print, radio and television are being merged into one-online media. This has brought on the advent of most newsroom adding an online component to their armour. As media organisations are changing so are the skill-sets of journalists and their roles are becoming diversified.

“Convergence has transformed the journalist from `a lonely wolf’ into a (multimedia) team player.” -Peter Verweij, Making Convergence Work in the Newsroom

I currently work as Mike Welsh’s producer on the Drive Show at 2CC and while I’m required to carry out traditional tasks like organising interviews and creating a show rundown, I’m also tasked with carrying out online promotions and updates of the show.

This involves me using amongst other things, the popular social media platforms Facebook and Twitter. Because it is popularly used by a large percentage of the public it is an effective way of promoting the show and the content we provide. It is in essence an alternative advertising platform as well as it is simply another way we can get news out there to the public.

There’s more to being a journalist than achieving traditional journalistic tasks in the modern world of media. You now have to be willing to become an expert in online media.

You need to be a competent user of twitter, facebook and blogs as well as being able to use webpage to store traditional content or transform traditional content to the online world.

In what I view as a crucial step forward for future journalists, universities are teaching journalism students to become multimedia experts and not just “traditional” journalists.

“One of media companies’ current priorities must be to achieve a level of quality that makes them stand out from the rest, within the swamp of competing voices that now exist.” -Protec Media

Convergence is crucial to the success of the modern day newsroom.  A failure to converge will invariably end in failure. Those who led the way in convergence of online media with traditional forms are now more than likely reaping the rewards of a fruitful media business.


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