The relationship between journalism and politics

The relationship between journalism and politics is prominent, for without journalism, politicians would not be able to promote their agendas on a public forum. But journalists need politicians to provide them with an important source of news.

“In democracies, the role of the journalist is supposed to be to inform the public debate so that the audience can make educated choices.” – David Brewer, Media Helping Media

Journalists are meant to relay this political jargon onto their public, but in the process they are meant to decipher  information and draw insightful discussion from it. The various news outlets in this country saturate their news ‘product’ with politics on a daily basis.

Journalists throughout the world are taught to be balanced in most western civilizations, yet their innate political persuasions tend to shine through, and this can often lead to tention between media and politicians, but also it can lead to a strengthening of ties- depending upon which side of the fence you sit.

Take a look at media mogul Rupert Murdoch. He has often been accused of pushing his conservative political views throughout his worldwide media organisations.

On one hand, he has a vast and loyal listener base with conservative followers of politics.

On the other hand, his strong support of conservative politics has created political enemies on the progressive side of politics.

Put simply- Murdoch has often has built-up a strong rapport with one side of politics and alienated the other.

“Rupert Murdoch’s Australian newspapers are biased against the Gillard Government and would attack the Prime Minister at any opportunity, a major inquiry into the nation’s media has heard.” – The Age

Media organisations are now often associated with a political party as opposed to being an independent and impartial news outlet.

I’m trying to learn from the mistakes from my predecessors and become a truly balanced journalist free of work that is partial to a particularly side of politics.

I want to provide my listeners or viewership with an informed and balanced perspective on politics and current affairs.

I want to showcase to potential employees that I can differentiate opinion from fact and establish a political contact base which does not exclude important political figures from either sides of politics.


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