Interview preparation

The key to a strong interview is sound preparation.

Before I conducted interviews for my ABJ 2 assignments I ensured I researched the topics I covered thoroughly.

In the case of both my major assignments for ABJ 2, I conducted several interviews. However, before each one I undertook thorough preparation.

This included undertaking a background check on the interviewees to look at what they’ve achieved in the past, what they’ve said and how they are related to the chosen topic. Furthermore I looked at what others had said on the various issues.

Through the interviewing process with my university assignments, and assessing at how the interviews and news packages have turned out, the power and importance of interview preparation cannot be understated.

It was invaluable to the success of the news packages put together. Preparation led me to ask intelligent question that yielded intelligent answers. This reflected in the package that myself and my peers put together, as we were able to cut out numerous newsworthy grabs from the quality interview recordings.

I feel without thorough preparation our package would have struggled.

Several of my interview subjects commended myself and my peers on our impressive prior knowledge and intelligent questions which indicates they appreciated our interest in the issues- and this allowed us to build a strong rapport with the interviewees.

Interview preparation is a concept I aim to apply on a regular basis as an industry professional going forward. I believe it is the hallmark to being an effective and respected media professional.


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