Improving your sound & editing skills

The recent radio packages I undertook as part of the Advanced Broadcast Journalism unit taught me a lot about how to improve my sound and editing skills.

With the help of fellow Next ACT peers Matthew Mitchell and Corey Hammond I was able to grasp a better understanding of editing software so I could learn how to include all the ‘bells and whistles’ that accompanies the verbal content.

Through the use of audacity we were able to create polished radio packages which wouldn’t look out of place on an radio station or online news page.

I was able to learn a substantial amount about editing off my fellow peers who had a greater understanding and attention to detail of the sound and editing process.

For example, I learned to cut out voice errors to make the package sound crisper, and I learned how to amalgamate two different interviews or voice grabs into one.

Perhaps the most useful and innovative tool I learned was underbedding aural content with sounds and music. This was particularly evident with the second package where sound and music was heavily used to help make the package interesting.

I was also able to bring prior knowledge to the table, namely through my ability to adjust sound levels and the speed and pitch of content.

They are all tools that will come in handy in my journalism career. In fact I would go as far to say all journalists must undergo basic sound and editing skills, for a journalist is not simply a journalist anymore, but they are also a multi-media professional in today’s media industry. You cannot expect to survive and compete with peers in this industry if you cannot grasp these basic skills.

The media industry is always looking for innovative ways to engage people and that often involves heavily produced news packages and programs. If I was to produce work that didn’t involve strong sound and editing skills I would invariably get poor coverage from potential listeners.

Overall, I’ve found my university experience with hands-on assessment has developed my sound and editing skills out of sight. It has given the basic skills needed to not only be a journalist- but also a multimedia professional.


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